Work Permits

Navigate Your Canadian Work Permit with Confidence

In pursuit of dynamic career opportunities, Canada beckons you. A work permit is your ticket to new, brighter opportunities. Maria De Luna Immigration Services, Inc. is committed to providing expert assistance to simplify your work permit application process and maximize your chances for a successful outcome.

Types of work Permits

Your journey towards a brighter future in Canada is of paramount importance, and you deserve a guiding hand that is both knowledgeable and truly cares. The following are three work permits in Canada. However, each category has specific legal details and requires careful consideration. 

Employer-Specific Work Permits

This allows an individual to work for a designated employer, with specific conditions surrounding the duration and location of work.

Open Work Permits

Open work permits offer individuals greater flexibility in their employment options in Canada. There are two categories of open work permits: unrestricted and restricted.

Specialized Work Permits

Specialized work permits are a category that offer tailored solutions for unique situations. These permits are ideal for individuals with specific needs or circumstances.

Guided Assurance in the Work Permit Process

The pathway to a Canadian work permit can be a labyrinth of complexities. But you’re not alone — Maria De Luna’s professional and empathetic team stands ready to walk alongside, transforming the process into clear, attainable steps.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Work permits are available to foreign nationals who’ve received a job offer in Canada. However, there are specific criteria depending on the nature of the job and the worker’s nationality.

Yes, typically a validated job offer from a Canadian employer is required to apply for a work permit.

That depends on the permit type and your specific circumstances. A work permit can last up to four years.

Yes, you can apply for extension or renewal, but it must be done before your current work permit expires.

Yes, dependent family members may also be eligible to come with you to Canada. However, specific requirements must be met.

Detail-Oriented Approach to Your Success

Your ambition deserves our meticulous attention. With our precise, thorough, and supportive guidance, you can rest assured your work permit application will be managed with the utmost diligence.