Tourist Visa

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Do you wish to marvel at the vivid hues of Niagara Falls, traverse the snow-laden passages of the Rockies, or revel in the multicultural spirit of Toronto? Your Canadian dream journey is our mission at Maria De Luna Immigration Services, Inc.

Navigating the Visa Procedure

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Encountering the intricacies of Canadian tourist visa procedures can feel overwhelming. Our friendly, experienced team will demystify this process, transforming your intricate visa journey into a straightforward path.

Who is a Tourist Visa For?

A Tourist visa, also known as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), grants you several rights during your stay in Canada

Eligibility Guidelines

And Frequently asked questions

Requirement 1

Be free from any serious criminal records

Requirement 2

Provide assurance to depart from Canada at the conclusion of their visit or prior to the expiry of their visa

Requirement 3

Demonstrate that they have no intentions to undertake employment or academic pursuits within Canada

requirement 4

Complete a thorough medical assessment prior to the visit

You must obtain a temporary visitor’s visa prior to travelling to Canada

Tourist Visas allow you to partake in short-term courses or study programs that last less than six months.