Family Class Sponsorship

Unite Your Family in Canada

The unbreakable bond of family transcends borders. Maria De Luna Immigration Services, Inc. acknowledges the immense importance of reuniting your loved ones in Canada, and we proudly specialize in Family Class Sponsorships.

"We truly believe nothing is impossible with prayers, determination, and the sheer love for family." - Maria De Luna

Navigating the Sponsorship Process

Why Trust Our Expertise?

Navigating the intricate processes of Canadian Family Class Sponsorships can be overwhelming. With our professional, empathetic, and detail-oriented approach, we strive to simplify these complexities, putting your family’s well-being at the forefront of our mission.

Who can Sponsor?

At Maria De Luna Immigration Services, Inc., we understand the profound importance of family. Our mission is to help you reconnect with your loved ones in Canada. To ensure clarity in your journey, let’s discuss who can become a sponsor under the Family Class Sponsorship program.

Spousal, Common-Law or Conjugal Partners

Canadians or LPR's may sponsor their spouse, common-law or conjugal partner to immigrate to Canada. As a sponsor, you carry the responsibility to support your partner financially and ensure they don’t need social assistance.

Parents, Grandparents, and Relatives

Canadians or LPR's over the age of 18 may also sponsor their parents, grandparents, or other relatives depending on specific circumstances. Proving sufficient income to support these family members after their arrival in Canada is instrumental.

Children and Other Dependents

Sponsors may apply for immigration of their dependent children, including adopted children or other dependent relatives. The sponsor should possess the willingness and capacity to offer care and financial support to these dependents for the stipulated duration.

Approved Family Class Sponsorship

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