Student Assitance Program

Forge Your Path to Academic Success in Canada

Embarking on the adventure of studying in Canada holds great promise for your future, but navigating the complexities of the student visa process can be challenging. At Maria De Luna Immigration Services, Inc., we recognize the magnitude of this journey and the dedication it demands. We are here to stand beside you, offering meticulous guidance paired with compassionate understanding.

Unlock Your Educational Potential in Canada

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest and at Maria De Luna Immigration Services, Inc., our dedication to your educational success in Canada is unwavering. With our support, we’ll help transform your aspirations into achievable plans, ensuring your journey is firmly rooted in our professional expertise and genuine empathy.


Why choose us

Your journey towards a brighter future in Canada is of paramount importance, and you deserve a guiding hand that is both knowledgeable and truly cares. Here’s why Maria De Luna Immigration Services, Inc. stands as your optimal choice:

Expertise and Precision

With extensive experience in the field of Canadian immigration, our team possesses in-depth understanding and crucial insights into various immigration processes. We are renowned for our detailed, comprehensive approach in providing up-to-date, reliable advice and formulating effective immigration strategies.

Empathy and Understanding:

Immigration is a deeply personal experience laden with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We extend beyond professional relationships and approach each case with genuine empathy. We listen to your story with respect and understanding, providing warmth and support that goes beyond just paperwork.

Dedication and Accompaniment:

Our commitment to your Canadian dream resonates in our unyielding dedication. As your companions on this journey, we provide continuous support, regular updates, and follow-up services, affirming our role as your unwavering allies in this process.

What we offer

Comprehensive, Compassionate, and Expert Support

30 minute

Engage in an insightful initial consultation to discuss your academic goals, eligibility, and plan your unique immigration journey.

Assistance in school application

Leverage our expertise for your school applications to streamline your chances of securing admission in your preferred institution.

Student visa

Trust us for a diligent, compassionate, and detailed handling of your student visa application, easing this crucial path towards your academic dreams in Canada.

How to be Eligible

Embarking on the path of applying for your student visa is a crucial step, and understanding your eligibility is your first milestone. At Maria De Luna Immigration Services, Inc., we pride ourselves on offering clear, detailed guidance in determining if you meet eligibility criteria. Here is a simplified outline to help with your initial understanding:

You need to provide proof of acceptance to a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada

You must have a valid identification document, such as a passport

Evidence of sufficient funds is necessary to cover tuition fees, living expenses for you, and any family members who come with you to Canada. You also need to have the funds to pay for your return transportation

You must be enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution in Canada

We're here to guide you through every step of your Canadian academic endeavour.

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