Temporary Foreign Workers Deceived as Deadline Looms

DeportationFrom the Asian Pacific Post (www.asianpacificpost.com) April 14, 2015:

By Kelsey Johnson

Two days before an April 1st deadline imposed under changes to the government’s temporary foreign worker program, some foreign workers who have to go back to their home countries are doing so with empty pockets because of unscrupulous immigration consultants, iPolitics has learned.
iPolitics has confirmed nine cases in Alberta and Southwestern Ontario in which registered immigration consultants, or individuals claiming to be immigration consultants, have charged thousands of dollars to temporary foreign workers and made false promises of being able to keep them in Canada despite regulations that say they must return to their home countries for four years before coming back to Canada.
The four-year rule was implemented in 2011 by the federal Conservatives as a means to encourage employers to hire Canadians.

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