Express Entry System

Express Entry is a new management system of current CIC programs such as the Federal Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades, and SOME Provincial Nominees. If you do not qualify in any of those categories, then chances are, you cannot get through the Express Entry system. Think of Express Entry as a gate that limits entries of permanent residence applications. If you do not get invited through the Express Entry, you cannot continue with your permanent residence application.

Express Entry uses a Comprehensive Ranking System to manage applications. This year, there will be 15-25 “draws” from the pool of applicants, with the first draw set to begin end of January. The draw will be based on your ranking score. The higher your score in the ranking system, the better your chances in getting invited.

a snapshot of how Express Entry works

a snapshot of how Express Entry works


**Some provinces such as British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba now have an Express Entry Stream in their Provincial Nominee Programs. The candidates will still have to create an Express Entry profile and Job Match profile and express their intention to live in that province for a chance to get picked by a province. A nomination under this stream gives a candidate an additional 600 points from the 1,200 maximum possible points in the ranking system. For more information on the new streams, you may visit the website of the Provincial Nominee Program of the province you intend to live.

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